General FAQ

Searching for experts is not only time-consuming and exhausting, but also costly due to process inefficiencies. Yet, we know the right expert can help you win. Orion Expert Network is dedicated to helping you place the right candidates on your projects. We specialize in custom-tailored expert searches, based on your specific requirements and requests.

Unlike many other expert search firms, Orion Expert Network never charges a fee to search for experts on your behalf. We have aligned our business interests to behoove the attorneys and experts with whom we work. If you choose to work with one of our experts, our fees will be rolled up in the expert’s quoted rate.

We can help identify the most appropriate experts for your specific needs. Based on the qualifications you require, our researchers will pinpoint the right technical, testing, or academic experts to help you win your case.

We service the every state in the country including federal cases.

Absolutely. If the expert isn’t working out, our team is happy to present additional experts until you find the perfect candidate.

Please take a look at our Practice Areas for the types of cases with which we have familiarity.

We have a very simple, one-page retention agreement that places the expert on your project.

Yes. You may terminate the contract at any point. You are not bound to continue working together and you are never bound to use any of the experts that we present to you.

Become an Expert FAQ

If you are interested in joining Orion’s Network as an expert, please click on “Become an Expert” and we will contact you about setting up an initial call to determine suitability. We work with many of the top law firms across the country and we welcome the opportunity to review your credentials, discuss your experience and share our process with you, for possible consulting projects in the future.

We will ask you to submit your CV, a list of publications, and then one of our managers will set up a phone call with you to learn more about your expertise.

Great question! The frequency with which you are retained will depend on the area of your expertise, the current cases our attorneys are working on and if the attorneys feel you are the best fit for their case. We wish we could guarantee consistent project work; however, it will depend many other factors outside of our control.

We try to make the billing and invoice process as easy as possible. At the beginning of each month, you will submit your hours to us for the previous month’s work. We will submit our invoice directly to the law firm and will pay you shortly after receiving the funds from our client.

That depends on your area of expertise. Licenses and certifications are qualifications that attorneys and judges generally like to see. That said, we have worked with experts on various cases where licenses or certifications weren’t relevant; it simply depends on the details of the case and the qualifications for which the attorneys are searching.

Every attorney works a little bit differently. Typically, attorneys will want you to review materials, develop an opinion and write a report. Sometimes, as an expert, you will be asked to testify; however, many cases settle before they ever get to the testifying stage. In short, you should have a comfortable level with the subject to speak and write concisely and intelligently about the matter.

Find an Expert FAQ

Absolutely. This happens frequently. Just let us know that there is urgency and we will be happy to work within your time constrictions and help you land the right expert ASAP.

Finding the right expert is very difficult and time-consuming but it can be the deciding factor on whether a judge rules in your favor and the right expert can help you win the case. On the other hand, using the wrong expert could be disasterous to the outcome of your case.

We specialize in custom-tailored searches. We start by gathering as much information as possible about your case and your expert needs. Next, our researchers will exhaustively search for the top experts in the field, perform background checks, review CVs and past publications and review litigation history. You simply select the candidate that best fits your needs.

Typically, we will send you the first candidates within 5-7 days from the date of your request. If this is time-sensitive, please let us know and we’ll escalate your case and deliver candidates ASAP (depending on the type of candidate, we may be able to turn your request around within two days).

Definitely. Very often, our attorneys will ask us to find numerous experts for the same case. Do you think you have a “unicorn request” (an impossible expert to find)? Try us, our team is confident that we can deliver the expert you need!

Absolutely. Once you have decided to move forward with one of our experts, we’ll put you in Direct Contact so you can begin working together directly. We continue to support your project as needed and will handle the burden of all billing and invoices.